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 General information surrounding all renovation and home improvement projects in Calgary


An interactive map that lets you see information about your lot including your Land-Use District, historical permits, Community Association contact, Ward contact as well as relevant City policies that affect your property.


The Land-Use Bylaw is the guide that details all of the municipal rules (Bylaws) your project needs to meet - it is a large document, but do not let that discourage you from taking a look.  Below is a quick guide to the sections that are relevant to residential developments.

Part 5 - Low Density Residential Districts

Part 5 is where you will find the majority of information surrounding the bylaws that affect residential districts.

Part 5, Division 1 - General Rules

Division 1 breaks down all of the common bylaws that are the same in all residential districts.  This is where you can find bylaws about decks, garages (accessory buildings), additions, etc. 

Part 5, Division 2 - Division 12 - Residential Districts

If you know your specific district, these divisions are where you will find information relating directly to your property including setbacks, heights and parcel coverage to name a few.  To find your district you can call the City of Calgary (403.268.5311) or you can click the My Property link above and enter your address.


The Alberta Building Code is the guide that details all of the rules (Building Codes) your project needs to meet.  Like the land-use bylaw, anyone can get access to this document (follow the link above), but, if you are not familiar with it we strongly recommend you contact a professional to help.

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