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What does Seven Day Permits need to get going?

The scope of the project will determine what is required from our clients to get going.  As each project is different, the type of information we need can vary, BUT, there are a few things every builder or homeowner should find prior to starting any renovation:


An RPR, or Real Property Report, is a site survey of your property.  This is required for any exterior renovation (new doors/windows) as well as Additions, Decks, Garages, or other accessory buildings.  While it is not required for interior renovations, this is still a very helpful document to have as this survey will give us the overall size of the building which can increase the speed at which we can produce new drawings.  This is also the document we need to provide any Bylaw Check on your property.

Don't have one / Can't Find it / Current one out of date (there are new structures on the site)

If you do not have an RPR or have misplaced yours, you can contact the City to see if they have one on file.  To do this, simply call your local Planning Department (403.268.5311 In Calgary) and ask if they have one, and if so, the process to get a copy.  Each municipality has different processes for ordering storage files on a particular property, costs and timelines can vary.


If the City does not have one, and we need one for your particular project, you will need to order a new RPR.  These types of documents are produced by Surveying Companies.  At Seven Day Permits, we use ARC SURVEYS.  But any surveyor will be able to assist with getting a new or updated survey. 

If your RPR is outdated (there have been changes to the dwelling or additional structures have been built), we may need to get a new survey for your project.  Not all changes to the site will require a new survey, so contact us BEFORE you order a new one and we can advise if an updated one is required.


As-Built Plans

As-Built plans are the original plans/blueprints of your home.  These are incredibly helpful when looking at any renovation to a property.  They will contain information about all existing structures (beams/posts/etc.) as well as the existing floor plans, elevations, and sections.


While not required for Seven Day Permits to produce new drawings, having these as a reference can eliminate a lot of unknowns about what we are working with.  It is always recommended that clients try to find them, or contact the City to get copies of them.  In any renovation, there can be assumptions made about the existing structure and how the home was built.  Without starting to demo, it can be difficult to know for sure what is in walls or how things are supported.  Having these plans can significantly aid Seven Day Permits and our consultants (Engineers) when looking at a new project.

If you do not have a copy of your homes original plans, contact your local planning department to see if they have any on file.

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