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Is now the Best time to build a Backyard Suite in Calgary?

YES! In Calgary anyways. Right now is the absolute best time to apply for them, mainly due to the fact that Calgary is waiving up to $900 in fees until May 31, 2020!

These savings are found in the ability to apply for your Development Permit for free. There is no charge to ask the City for permission to build one of these. Even with these savings, these are still basically small homes, and therefore, you want to make sure you are hiring someone that is very comfortable with the design and permitting of these structures.

Backyard Suites are an amazing way to increase the value of your property, create rental income, provide housing for aging family members and help Calgary create more affordable housing. They are referred to by many different names including:

  • Backyard Suite (Calgary)

  • Accessory Dwelling

  • Nanny Suite

  • Laneway House

This post is related to building these types of structures in Calgary. While most municipalities allow these, each City has its own unique rules, it is very important to always contact your local municipality to find out the rules you need to follow.

Application Requirements:

There are many bylaws and building codes associated with these. Making sure you know what they are imperative to preparing a successful application. In Calgary, there is also a Backyard Suite Design Guide on top of the Land-Use Bylaw and Building Code items.

Backyard Suite Checklist

The above checklist details what you need to submit to the City of Calgary, a quick breakdown of the drawings/information you need are:

  • Site Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Structural Section(s)

  • Structural Details

  • 9.36 Energy Code Compliance

If you are interested in building one of these, Seven Designs is here to help! We have handled multiple applications and handle all aspects of the process:

  • Free consultation

  • Free bylaw review

  • Free permit risk assessment

  • Onsite measurements (as-builts)

  • Dedicated design phase

  • 3-D rendering of project (exteriors)

  • Organize all engineering (as needed)

  • Full working drawings / blueprints

  • Application of permits

  • Full permit management

If you have any questions relating to this, or any other type of application never hesitate to reach out!

We Get Permits, Lets Get Started!

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